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  Calvary's Light 

 November 2014

Got Integrity?
by Mike Dellosso

I’ve always been impressed with integrity when I find it as part of someone’s character, their moral make-up. It’s assurance that the individual is a person of honor, of honesty, that he or she is trustworthy and fair-minded. But being a person of integrity isn’t easy in the ever-declining moral climate in which we live. The world around us is growing darker and integrity is becoming somewhat of an endangered quality, which makes a man or woman with integrity shine even brighter.

Taken from Psalm 15 (NIV), here are eleven things you can do to put integrity into practice:

Walk in a way that is blameless. Give no one a reason to doubt you or bring an accusation against you.

Do what is righteous. In other words, do the right thing all the time. Not the easiest thing or the quickest thing or the thing that will benefit you the most, but the right thing.

Speak the truth from your heart. Simply put, always tell the truth.

Let your tongue utter no slander. Don’t be a party to gossip or backbiting or spreading lies about someone else. Get the facts, speak the truth in love.

Do no wrong to a neighbor. Treat your fellow man the way you would wish to be treated.

Cast no slur on others. Don’t tear down others with your words. Your mouth is a powerful weapon, use it for good.

Despise vile people. Speak out against wickedness and don’t encourage evil.

Honor those who fear the Lord. Encourage those who are walking with the Lord and living right, support them, lift them up.

Keep an oath even when it hurts and don’t change your mind. Simply, keep your promises. Be a man or woman of your word.

Lend money to the poor without interest. Seek to help others as you can and not to take advantage of those less fortunate than you for your own gain.

Don’t accept a bribe against the innocent. Make it plain that you can’t be bought. Stand firm on your word and your reputation.

The passage then says, “Whoever does these things will never be shaken.”

I like that, never shaken. The person with integrity is anchored to a firm foundation and immovable in their convictions.

Ask yourself: How do I measure up to the Psalm 15 standard? Am I a man or woman of integrity?

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