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  Calvary's Light 

August 2014

The Story of You
by Mike Dellosso

  There's a story that was started decades ago—a story of loss and love, of triumph and failure, of drama and suspense—a story that needs an ending.
  This is no ordinary story, though. No. It's not ordinary at all. In fact there are millions, even billions, of these stories being written all across the world and they've been written for thousands of years. But no two are alike. Oh, they may have similarities, they may share plot points, some even share characters, but they are all as unique as snowflakes are different.
  Some of the stories have bloodthirsty villains out for vengeance, some have unimaginable odds to be conquered, some are about a treacherous trek through unknown lands, some have romance, some suspense . . . but they are all intriguing and incredibly personal.
  The stories are the stories of our life. Yours and mine. It's my story. It's your story. The Author began with a blank page and started with one word: your name. You began. You came into existence. And you are the main character of your story.
  But this story is different. What the Author began he turned over to the agonist who inhabits the story. He began it, but you write it. You choose how to respond to plot turns, to twists, to cliff hangers, to obstacles and antagonists. The choice is yours.
  What kind of an Author would do that? What kind of a writer would hand over the pen to the characters he created? Only one who craves creativity, who trusts unequivocally, loves unconditionally and desires to be loved in return.
  Every story has obstacles, those moments where the plot turns dark and the agonist is in peril. A cross road is set before us. How will we respond? Will we give up and seek that path of least resistance, being content to live a life of relative safety and predictability? Or will we press on, seeking new adventure and desiring to give our story some redeeming value?
  How you respond to each event will forever change the story. And it will change you. And possibly (probably) those around you.
  You see, the stories are intertwined. One affects another and that one affects yet another . . . the relationships go on and on, the possibilities endless.
  So choose wisely. Choose carefully. Because we are all reading one another's story. We are the audience, taking in the stories around us, learning from them, being inspired by them, disappointed, intrigued, horrified, humored.
  Ask yourself: What kind of story do I want to live? How do I want my story to affect others? How do I want it to impact the stories around me? I hope you choose to make a difference, and if you do, please know that the journey will not be easy, the writing will be difficult, the storytelling heartbreaking. You will suffer, you will cry, you will agonize and cringe and be tempted time and time again to stop writing or to change the tale completely.
  But don't do it. Keep writing. Press on. Resolve now that no matter what twists entangle you, no matter what obstacles come your way, no matter how many villains plot against you, that you will not give up, you will persevere.
  Be determined to write a story of love and truth and courage and victory, a story that others will read and marvel at, a story that will bless all those who read it, that will inspire and encourage and give others the strength to take up the pen and continue their own story.
  This is the power the writer holds. This is the responsibility he must carry.
  But take heart, it is not a responsibility we must carry alone. For the Author of authors holds us in His hand, He infuses us with grace and strength; He gives us the ability to write. Without Him our lives are nothing but a jumble of words and events and characters lost in a maze of meaningless plot points. Without Him our story is just a story, powerless, meaningless, hopeless. And all we have to do is surrender to him. He will guide our hands, give us the words, instill us with the creativity to weave our story into a touching tale.
  Never stop surrendering; never stop imagining; never stop creating; never stop writing.
  Be unstoppable.

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