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About CBC
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A Church of Individuals
each precious in God's sight

    That's what this church is - a family of individuals all precious in God's sight. We are ordinary people with diverse gifts and talents making significant contributions to one another's growth.  Our heartbeat is growing together in Christ.  Together we are discovering answers to life's profound questions, healing for life's deep hurts and the unsurpassing joy of living in harmony with God's design.  Here's a glimpse of what makes us tick.

    The heart and life of Calvary Bible Church begins with a sincere desire to exalt and honor God.  Together on Sunday morning we gather to worship God through song, prayer, and study of His Word - the Bible.  As we study God's Word together in a verse by verse fashion we learn more of His wonderful majesty while at the same time find relevant answers to life's realities.  Our Sunday worship is a springboard to a lifestyle of daily fellowship with God.  In worship we place our focus on Almighty God and what He says about the vital issues of the day.

    Calvary Bible Church is about growing people. We are not by any standard a perfect church but we are a progressing church. Together we are growing in Christ. Growth in the Christian life begins as we focus on learning and applying God's Word. Through formal and informal learning opportunities we discover God's principles as they relate to today's challenging issues. These opportunities come in age graded Sunday School, Youth Groups, Support and Outreach programs and more. It is growing individuals in Christ that matters.

    In a world that views people as a means to an end we believe people are the end. There is nothing more precious than people and it is our mission to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ. What are we committed to doing? At the very bottom line we are committed to reaching out to our community and world with the great news of Jesus Christ. We want to boldly and lovingly share who Jesus is and what He has done. He is God reaching into a sinful and lost world in a tangible, historical demonstration of Divine love. It is our burden to have others know the reality of God's love in a personal, life changing way.

    The word that best describes the atmosphere of Calvary Bible Church is "family". We seek to share a common life in Christ and grow in our commitment to one another. One anothering is a New Testament concept, and we want to love, care for, and minister to one another. We also have family programs, socials, sports activities, adult fellowship, and other activities to create the family atmosphere. It is the family, community spirit that says people are truly precious.

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Calvary Bible Church, 603 Wilson Ave, Hanover, PA 17331
Phone: (717) 632-3954